Harness the Power of The Cache Can

The Extreme Power of Neodymium Magnets

The Cache Can uses 49 of the strongest magnets on Earth to lock your contents away safely and securely in any number of discreet places.   The canister utilizes a unique, Patent Pending magnet array to fasten the twist-off lid to both the top and bottom of the container.  The combination of this magnet array and the large magnet recessed inside the bottom of the container allows it to be securely adhered to any metal surface.  

The Perfect Size to Store Your Cash and Valuables

The Cache Can is the perfect size to hold currency and all of your valuables to ensure safe travels when in unfamiliar territory.  The canister is ideal for securing spare keys on/around vehicles and residences in hidden places. It provides a unique opportunity to store valuable items where they can only be found by the person who put them there.  

A Must-Have Accessory for Any Outdoorsman

The Cache Can is ideal for storing all of your outdoor recreation gear.  Fire starter/matches, fishing tackle, ammunition, food, and many other essential items can be stored and carried with convenience with The Cache Can.  If you happen to loose your hooks or lures in the grass, they can easily be found by running The Cache Can along the ground; you're guaranteed to recover your missing tackle.  The Cache Can also floats and is water resistant in the event it somehow ends up in the drink with your valuable payload inside.  

The BEST Way to Keep Your Backpack Organized

Never has there been a more compact and efficient way to organize the stuff in your pack.  Store all of your essentials from your snacks and firestarter, to your hunting license, batteries, and ammunition.  Cache Cans stack together to form slim, perfectly shaped cylinders that hold all of your gear in individual compartments for compact storage and easy organization.

There's 1,000 Ways to Use Your Cache Can

The Cache Can is one of the most versatile and handy tools available on the market today.  It has infinite uses around the house and yard, and can be used not only for storage and security purposes, but is also ideal for cleanup after a construction project and for holding tools, fasteners, and other items in place while working on framing, roofing, siding, and other household construction and improvement projects.  Besides being the most discreet and secure way to hide your valuables, The Cache Can also lends a helping hand when doing work tasks around the house and yard!

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